DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit
€ 12.00

Make your own food wrap and enjoy a fun hands-on craft activity. An opportunity to involve your kids in a way that encourages their creative imagination and enables indirect learning about plastic reduction and food waste.The activity consists on a step-by-step process where you are going to use wax to coat the fabric and make your own Frank Wrap. The result is a durable product that is all natural, zero waste and completely eco-friendly. Frank Wrap is a natural and reusable alternative to protect vegetables, fruits & more. It keeps your food fresh for longer and replaces the single use of plastic cling film.
Each Frank Wrap DIY Kit Contains
1 Wooden Paint Brush 2,5 cm diameter
Fabric 100% Cotton Certified OEKO Tex
Blend Bar
Parchment Paper
Instructions in English + Bonus Colouring for Kids

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