If your father/husband is a cooking enthusiast and love to entertain, this Japanese kobachi gift set is for him! Aritaware has a 4th century history and tradition.  One can admire the skillful technique of the craftsmen to convey to the present.

This set is hand-crafted with gold decorations by Touetsugama (Toetsu Kiln) of Arita-ware.

The Touetsu kiln produces traditional crafts that has been nurtured in the history of the 13th generation for 400 years.

While continuing to create traditional crafts, Touetsu Kiln values ​​the attitude of always being innovative.

The powerful dishes of ‘金たたき – gold tapping’ and ‘金ぼかし gold blur’ were born from that motto.

We would like you to choose the beautiful form of the colors that are put into the profound taste as a gift for your loved ones.

小鉢 Kobachi are mini dishes and this set include 6 dishes.  Ideal for serving amuse bouche.

Arita ware Gold decoration Kobachi gift set

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  • Box Size: 22x 30.3x 5cm

    1. Old Nanban Gold Wire : DIA. 7.7x 2.8cm
    2. Galaxy: 6.3x 6.3x 2.3cm
    3. Crystal Gold paint: 4.8x 4.8x 4.2cm
    4. Nanban Gold Arabesque : 7.5x 7.5x 3.5cm
    5. Blue Gold : DIA. 7.8x 3.4cm
    6. White coloring Silver grazing: DIA. 7.5x 2.8cm

    Total weight: About 3 71g

    Weight including box: 615g

    Material: Porcelain

    Care: Handwash is recommended

    Made in Japan