We are getting incenses from Kyoto’s Speciality shop of incense.   This gift box will be wrapped with a Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth)


With the theme of “connecting good ties” two types of floral incense and a sakura shaped incense stand with an auspicious motif are set in a paulownia box, and a set of incense tied with a mizuhiki with a plum decoration.


The appearance of Sakura in full bloom is a symbol of success and has the meaning of celebrating the future of a new beginning.


2 types of 15 sticks each

– A scent inspired by the spring feast that is in full bloom
– A scent inspired by the noble and quiet night cherry blossoms

Japanese Incense Sakura Musubi Gift Box wrapped with Furoshiki

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  • Quantity:

    2 types of 15 sticks each and an incense stand

    Box Size: approx. 63×140×22 70g

    Burning duration: 15-17min