About Tokoname ware
Tokoname ware (常滑焼, Tokoname-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery, stoneware, and ceramics produced in and around Aichi, Japan. Tokoname was the location of one of the six Antient Kilns of Japan and it dates back to the 12th century.

About this Kyusu (teapot)
This beautiful teapot is made of from Tokoname’s red (vermilion) clay and shaded in black.

The gradation from black to vermilion is beautiful.

The flat round shape makes the tea leaves spread well, making it for efficient brewing.

For the strainer, a fine stainless steel net called ‘hi mesh’ is used which can handle even ‘Fukamushi cha – deep steamed tea’.

It is light and thin body to make it easy to handle by one hand.

You can enjoy tea as well as Tokoname’s iron rich clay, which is said to remove the tannin (bitterness) of tea and make your tea milder.

This teapot has a strainer integrated inside the teapot at the bottom (4th photo).  This is to avoid tea leaves from coming out from the spout.  This kind of teapot has a lot of space for tea leaves to open up rather than the one with a strainer at the top of teapot.

Handmade Tokoname Kyusu Teapot by Shoko

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  • Capacity: 250ml (80% of teapot)

    Weight: 245g

    Material: Ceramics

    Made in Japan