Handmade Yunomi Tea Cups Pair Gohonte Sagano
Sagano is a name of place in western Kyoto, it is famous for its bamboo forest (2nd photo from wikipedia).

These teacup features beautifully hand-painted bamboo trees.  The bright green colour of bamboo is traced with gold on the beige bowl.

This is a ‘Gohonte’ style cups with a pink dots (hanmon) inside the cups.


About Kiyomizu ware
清水焼 (Kiyomizu-yaki) Kiyomizu ware is a type of Kyō ware traditionally from Gojōzaka district near Kiyomizu Temple, in Kyoto.

The history of Kiyomizu ware dates back to the 16th century.


About Artist
This Matcha bowl is made by a Japanese craftsman 八木海峰 Yagi Kaihou.

He was born in Kyoto.

– In 1968, he made a demonstration of painting on ceramics with the presence of Her Majesty the Empress.
– In 1993, he exhibited Kyo-ware, Kiyomizu-ware exhibition in Paris and he demonstrated painting on ceramics.
– He received many awards and he was certified as a traditional craftsman in 2003.

At the back of the bowl, there is a stamp of 八木海峰 Yagi Kaihou.

Handmade Yunomi Tea Cups Pair Gohonte Sagano

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  • Diameter: 8.5cm & 7.8cm

    Hight: 8.7cm & 8.2cm

    Weight: 180g & 159g

    Weight of 2 cups including box:  419g

    Colour: Beige

    Material: Ceramics

    Care: Hand wash is recommended

    Made in Kyoto Japan