This is a Japanese kitchen knife gift set which is a new generation Japanese kitchen knives that use stainless steel, are resistant to rust and easy to clean.


This gift set includes:


  • 1. 三徳包丁 Santoku Bocho (Blade Length 16.5cm) - The most common kitchen knife in Japanese homes


  • 2. あじ切包丁Ajikiri Bocho (Blade Length 10.5cm - A small fish knife suitable for handling small fish such as horse mackerel.


  • 3. 菜切包丁 Nakiri Bocho (Blade Length 16cm - A Japanese knife with a thin and wide blade, a flat tip and a square shape, mainly used for chopping vegetables.


  • 4. ミニおろし金 Small grater (Full Length 10.8cm - This is a great tool to grate garlic, ginger and wasabi.


The handles are natural wood.

Japanese Kitchen Knife Gift Set in a Wooden Box

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  • Size & Weight:


    • Santoku Bocho - Full Length 30cm (Blade Length 16.5cm) - 103g


    • Ajikiri Bocho - Full Length 21cm (Blade Length 10.5cm) - 51g


    • Nakiri Bocho - Full Length 30cm (Blade Length 16cm) - 115g


    • Mini Grater - Full Length 10.8cm - 54g


    Made in Japan