This is a hand-crafted high quality Japanese kitchen knife.

It is certified as a traditional craft designated by the governor of Kyoto Prefecture.

A petty knife is a small version of ‘Gyutou’.

Petty knives have the image of a kitchen knife that cuts fruits, but the feature is that they can be used as a versatile kitchen knife with a small turning radius.

The 150mm blade is made of stainless steel and the core material is VG10 stainless steel which contains a lot of carbon and cobalt, therefore it is hard, good sharpness, and long-lasting, which does NOT rust like carbon steel.

The brand is ‘Manamoto no Hisahide’ and it is engraved in the knife.

What we like about this knife
– Made in Kyoto Japan

– ‘Simple is the best’ design

– Great sharpness using the best VG10 stainless steel

Japanese Kitchen Knife Petty | Kyoto Daimonji VG10

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  • Size    260mm full length, 75g
    150mm blade
    Material    Stainless Steel (3 layers)
    Surface:    Stainless Steel
    Core material:    VG10 (stainless steel)
    Handle:    Black Compressed Plywood