Kokeshi is a Japanese wooden doll, hand-made from wood with no arms or legs.

There are two types of Kokeshi; ‘Traditional Kokeshi’ and ‘Creative Kokeshi’.


“Traditional Kokeshi” is a folk art specially produced in the Tohoku region that occurred in the latter half of the Edo period, using the same techniques handed over from masters to pupils.


“Creative Kokeshi” is modeled by the author’s individual free ideas and is produced using original techniques.  The trend was riding since 1947 after World War II.


Since 1954, the Prime Minister’s Award has been awarded to the best work of ‘the creative Kokeshi doll’ contest.  Since then, creative activities have become more active and the work of famous artists have been evaluated as unique arts and crafts.


This modern creative Kokeshi doll is called ‘Kyo Bijin‘ and it was created by an award-winning artist ‘Miyagawa Yuichi‘.  Unlike normal kokeshi dolls, this kokeshi doll is wearing a fabric Kimono.

Japanese Kokeshi doll Kyo Bijin | Red

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  • Size: W8 x D8.5 x H19.5cm

    Material: Wood/cotton/others