If your family loves loose leaves tea, this is a gorgeous gift box with an authentic hand-crafted teapot that everyone desires to have.


The gift box includes:

What is included:


  • 1 x Handmade Tokoname Teapot (you can choose between two – see from the photo or the link)


  • Both teapots have hand-painted Sakura (cherry blossoms) but the colour and the shape are different.


  • Handmade Tokoname Kyusu Teapot Kiku Midori (Greenish brown with a flower shape)




  • Handmade Tokoname Teapot Sakura (Brown with a round shape)


  • 2 x Washi covered Tea tin (two colours from: Pink, Red, Coral Red, Purple, or Green)


  • 2 x Japanese loose tea 50g


You can choose a tea from Sencha, Kariganecha or Hojicha.


These teas grow in a small pesticides free farm without chemical fertilisers surrounded by nature with clean water and rich soil.

Japanese Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box (Deluxe)

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