These are Japanese tall teacups called Naga Yunomi.

粉引 Kohiki is a pottery that was introduced to Japan from Joseon in the 14th century.

‘粉 Ko’ means powder and ‘引 Hiki’ means ‘pull’ and the origin is said to be “white as if powder was blown”.

It was born from a longing for porcelain at that time.

White slip is applied on a iron-rich brown base and a transparent glaze.  You can’t make it just by applying white glaze.

In Japan, masterpieces are produced mainly in sake sets and tea ware.

The Kohiki vessels improves the atmosphere as you use it.

The price is the set of two cups.

Japanese Yunomi Tea cups Pair | Kohiki Mentori wrapped with ukiyo-e furoshiki

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  • Capacity:200 / 160ml

    Size: 7×8.9cm / 6.7×8.3cm

    Weight: approx. 148/195 g

    Material: Ceramics

    Made in Japan