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This was such a popular choice for Fathers’ Day. In fact, it is the very first, (and only) kartolina ktieb (SO FAR) dedicated to grown ups and not children! It is the perfect gift for kids to give to their daddies on fathers’ day ane includes lots of reasons why they love him.


One may order the following versions - from girl, from boy, from siblings. It is personalised with children’s names, father’s name, fathers day date as well as a personalised message! 

Kartolina Ktieb - Father's Day (Maltese Version)

  • Each Kartolina Ktieb is made from scratch by Debbie Zammit. All versions contain a short original story written by herself. All designs are original and difitally illustrated by herself too.

    Each Kartolina Ktieb is personalised with the child's name and some other details. Every order is made upon request. The product is cut and bound by hand to create the most perfect gift/keepsake.

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