Everyone wants to taste more than one kind of thing normally and this gift box is for someone who is 欲張り Yokubari (greedy in a good way)!

One sake is sweeter (Daiginjo) so is good for drinking after a meal and the other one (Junmai Tokubetsu) is more dry for drinking during meals (maybe with Sushi).

Both Sake are pure rice Sake (not mixed with added alcohol).

Lastly. the Japanese sake bottle and two sake cups from Mino-ware  complete the gift box.

You can warm Sake Junmai Tokubetsu in the sake bottle in a microwave (for approx. 30 seconds) or in a method of  ‘bain-marie’.

The amount of sake increases by warming it so do not fill till the top.

 What is included
-1 x Sake 01 Junmai Daiginjo Genshu 30cl
-1 x Sake 03 Junmai Tokubetsu 30cl
-1 x Japanese Sake set Ginsai 300ml

Sake Gift Box Yokubari

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