Lightweight and versatile, the Japanese “yukihira nabe” pot is one of Japan’s most beloved traditional cookware!
The YukiHira Nabe Pot | 20cm is an adaptable tool that you’ll be reaching for everyday.  Perfect for Japanese noodles, miso soup, or Nimono (simmered dish)!
The charms of “Yukihiranabe”, which is also loved by professionals:
–Hammered stainless steel surface conducts heat quickly and keep it warm longer.


–Spouts on both sides, designed for ease in pouring
-Comfortable handle is made of beech wood, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hand!
-Volume measurements inside of the pot.
-Compatible with all stovetops!
Diameter : 20 cm (7,9″) . 2,3 liter. 550g.

YukiHira Nabe 20cm

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  • Diameter : 20 cm (7,9″) . 2,1 liter. 550g.

    Our Yukihira Nabe is suitable for almost every kind of hobs, including induction hobs.